Laser Accesories

A wide range of accessories for laser systems.

  • Laser protection elements: Laser protection eyeglasses, laser protection windows, laser protection filters or laser protection curtains in accordance with current laser safety regulations


  • Fume and dust extraction systems for laser: Specially designed for laser cutting, marking or welding applications.
Laser accessories range
Laser protection filters / Laser protection windows
Laser protection windows and filters for all type of laser technologies (fiber, YAG, CO2, UV, etc.) in accordance with EN 207 and EN 12254 standards. Suitable for the manufacturing of enclosures or laser machines where visibility inside is required.
Laser safety eyeglasses
Laser safety eyeglasses in compliance with EN 207 and EN 208 standards. Our models are extremely light, with an excellent and comfortable fit, allowing excellent panoramic visibility. Also suitable for users who wear corrective lenses.
Fume and dust extraction systems for laser
Extraction and filtering systems for laser cutting, marking or welding applications. The use of an extraction unit is always recommended when a laser system is installed. It extends the life of the laser and also protects the operators from gases and particles that are harmful to their health.
Laser protection curtains / Laser protection screens
Curtains, screens and mobile safety barriers in accordance with DIN EN 12254. These products allow you to protect large areas from laser radiation flexibly and easily. The curtains are completely custom-made to the customer.
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