Personalized customer support with the most efficient service.

  • We have a wide portfolio of available services to the customer so that, in a very easy way, they can find the answer they need.
  • Our commitment to the customer begins with prior advice to find the most suitable laser solution, and continues well beyond the sale. The quality formula that our customers deserve is the sum of the best products and the best services.
Summary of services
Installation and commissioning
We put at your disposal our own technical staff with more than 13 years of experience in laser systems. Laserlogy carries out the commissioning of the acquired equipment with the maximum guarantees of installation and operation. In addition, our technicians will teach you a training course prepared to provide you with the necessary autonomy for the use and maintenance of laser equipment or machines.

Technical support
Technical support at the plant or at our facilities. Thanks to our experience and our network of technicians, we offer a close, fast and efficient service. After each intervention we focus on prevention, explaining the origin of the problem and providing the necessary information to customers to avoid a recurrence of the incident in the future.
LASERLOGY has a multidisciplinary team of consultants-engineers who intervene in the project from the feasibility study to the installation. They have extensive experience and high-level knowledge in all disciplines that are included in development engineering (design, automation, mechanics, materials, software …), in this way the study is carried out in an integral way, including all aspects of the project.
Specialized training
We offer training courses for your technicians of the different equipment and technologies supplied by LASERLOGY. Our own technical staff, expert in the different laser applications, will transmit you all necessary technical knowledge to be able to operate and get the most out of your laser equipment and machines.
Tests and samples
In our laboratory we have at your disposal a wide range of laser equipment for performing samples and tests. Each application requires specific characteristics and equipment with which we can propose the most appropriate solution for your needs.
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